5 Days / 4 Nights


Day 1 ) Monday , 4th of november

-11:05 am: Flight from   Santiago to  La Serena (H2 200)

-12:10 pm: Reception at the Airport

-12:30 pm: Departure to the Elqui Valley

-14:00 pm: Lunch at Vicuña Social Club or other

-16:30 pm: Depart to Monte Grande

-18:00 pm: Arrival at the Refuge

-20:30 pm: Dinner at the Refuge

EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: we will address the issues related to the trip that will take place in a group, the idea is to get away from the everyday and material things to achieve a journey with meaning, experiences and adventure.


Day 2) Tuesday, 5th of november

-7:00  am: Breakfast

-8:00  am: Depart to Cochiguaz Valley

-9:15  am: Trekking to Laguna El Cepo

-12:30 pm: Our first stop to regain strength

-12:45 pm: We keep walking

-18:00 pm: We arrived at the Cepo

-18:30 pm: Set up camp

-20:30 pm: Dinner with the stars  (bonfire and activity)


EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: Extreme experience in high mountain (MSNM) learning to enjoy the pure nature and the care of the environment, we learned to NOT LEAVE A TRAIL.

 Day 3) Wednesday, 6th of november

-05:30 am: Ascent to Laguna Colorada

-07:30 am: Dawn

-09:30 am: Mountain Activity

-14:30 am: Return to the Camp

-15:00 am: Lunch at the Camp

-17:30 pm: Trekking to the Rocks Garden

-20:00 pm: Dinner


EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: Life experience, team work, companionship development of creativity, autonomy, flexibility, initiative, commitment.

Day 4) Thursday, 7th of november

-08:00 am: Breakfast

-08: 30 am: Pack up camp

-09:15 am: Return to the Refuge

-12:30 am: First stop to regain strength and continue to the Refuge

-15:00 pm: We keep going down (Box Lunch)

-17:00 pm: We continue towards the Refuge

-18:30 pm: Arrival at the Refuge

-20:30 pm: Closing and Dinner Activity

-21:00 pm: Chakana Observatory

EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: Fellowship, acceptance of the defects and virtues.


Day 5) Friday, 8th of november

-9:00   am: Breakfast

-11:00 am: Departure to La Serena

-13:30 am: Lunch at La Serena "Cabañas Quilacán"

-16:00 pm: Departure to the Airport to board the Flight



Minimum quantity 8 people

Maximum quantity 12 people

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