5 Days / 4 Nights


Day 1 ) Monday , November 4

- 11:05 AM: Flight from Santiago to La Serena (H2 200)

- 12:10 AM: Arrival to La Serena airport.

- 12:30 PM: Transfer to Vicuña

- 13:30 PM : We stop at the Puclaro dam  where the pacifist Joaquin Bello will welcome us to the Elqui valley with a concert of wind harps, introducing us to a meditative state

- 14:30 PM: Lunch at Raíz Restaurant, Vicuña

- 16:30 PM: Check-in Refugio Mamalluca

- 18:00 PM: Opening and objectives of the program, presentation of monitors and students, group dynamics.

- 19:00 PM: Hatha Yoga class, based on Iyengar practices, looking for body alignment, focused on feet and legs. 1 hr and 15 min

- 21:00 PM: Dinner at Refugio Mamalluca

EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: The students will be introduced to the purposes of the Cosmo Vision Experience and to the team work, as well as a welcome to the geographic location where the program will be developed.



Day 2) Tuesday 5th of November "The Mind"

- 8:00  AM : Fasting and walking to yoga room

- 8:15  AM : Vippasana meditation; which invites us to sit in silence and simply observe thoughts and emotions, connecting us with breathing.

- 8:25  AM : Yoga Class: Hatha Yoga Practice, based on Iyengar Method Practices. This time the focus is detoxification, twisting, abdominal work, which will help us stimulate the digestive system and strengthen the energy center of the body. Duration of 1 hour and 15 min

- 9:30   AM : Breakfast at Refugio Mamalluca

- 11:00 AM : Workshop -  Doshas and Intuitive feeding

- 13:00 PM: Workshop - Raw and fermented lunch

- 16:00 PM: Coaching of Mindfulness; type of meditation that promotes the awareness and importance of the present as unique reality. It is a technique to avoid stress, anxiety, depression and in many cases chronic pain.

- 17:00 PM: Mandalas and dream catchers workshop as a meditative activity

- 20:00 PM: Dinner and bonfire

EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: Nutrition and Meditation

Students will learn in a practical way about the energy of food and the importance of a conscious diet. You will learn to identify your biotype and understand which foods is better for each biotype. Also, you will experience various types of meditation through the day




Day 3) Wednesday 7 November "The Body and the cosmos"

- 8:00   AM: Breakfast at Refugio Mamalluca

- 9:00   AM: Trekking to Mamalluca hill. Objectives  based on  a physical challenge.

- 14:00  PM: Lunch at Refugio Mamalluca

- 16:00  PM: Workshop of Thai Massage Level I  

- 18:30  PM: Hatha Yoga class, based on Iyengar method practices. This time the focus will be the upper limbs, chest opening, strengthening and stretching shoulders, omoplates. It will help us connect with our emotions. 1 hr 15 min

- 20:30 PM: Astro tourism (Astro Elqui)

- Audiovisual The Andean cosmovision; diaguita and Inca.

- Theatre of Ancient Stories "History of Creation and the spiritual world"

- Food of local flavors, vegetarian and organic foods

- Astronomical observation with professional telescopes

- Inspiring talk of the creation of the universe

- Experiential bonfire as a space to connect with the universe through ancestral sounds, legends, relaxing mystical sounds, group dynamics and local songs.

- 23:00 PM : Return to the Refuge

EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT : Students will work a personal goal through the physical effort developed in a trekking to Mamalluca hill. Workshop the “Introduction to Thai massage course” and Astro tourism


Day 4) Thursday, November 6 "Interaction with the local community and collaborative work"

- 9:00 AM: Fasting and walking to Oasis Diaguitas

- 8:30 AM: Breakfast at Oasis Diaguitas

- 9:30 AM: Pick up of bicycles  

-10:00 AM: We will ride to Ecotruly Diaguitas; where we will learn about the importance of vegetarianism, for the world and our body. Then we will share a Kirtan meditation, composed of mantra chants accompanied by musical instruments. Through a practical workshop of permaculture we will learn about collaborative work. Later we will share a vegan/vegetarian lunch

-16:00 PM: Collaborative work in “Center of Mothers of diaguitas”. We will continue our tour by bicycles through the village of diaguitas until arriving to the Center of the Mothers, where we will paint the Front of the meetinghouse and plant some flowers to improve the common areas. We will share a tea whit the locals womens too.

19:30 PM : We return the bikes and walk back to the Refuge.

21:00 PM: Mistic dinner at Refugio Mamalluca; We will talk about lunar cycles in women and uterine wounds; how to identify and heal them


EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: Students will know the importance of vegetarianism and will develop community works connected to a permaculture workshop to improve common areas.



Day 5) Friday, November 7

- 8:30  AM: Breakfast at Refugio Mamalluca

-10:00 AM: Hatha Yoga Class Yoga. This last practice will focus on fluency, bringing together all the yoga concepts learned during the week. 1 Hr and 15 min

- 11:00 AM: Sonotherapy as a continuation activity of the yoga class during the relaxation stage.

-12:00 AM: Free morning in the pools

-13:00 PM: Lunch at Refugio Mamalluca

-14:30 PM: Transfer to La Serena Airport

-17:25 PM: Departure to Santiago (H2 203)

-18:40 PM: Arrival to Santiago



Minimum quantity 8 people

Maximum quantity 12 people

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